a special place for Children

St. Mark

St. Mark Community Preschool is a special place that was designed with preschoolers in mind.

Our preschool offers a half day preschool program with optional extended day preschool schedules for potty trained children ages 2 ½ to 5 years old.

We provide an enriched and loving developmentally appropriate program, focusing on the development of the whole child while recognizing the individual needs of children and their natural curiosity for learning in order to help them develop, grow, and learn.

We welcome you to learn more about St. Mark Community Preschool through a campus tour. Please schedule a tour by contacting us at (949) 644-1442 or e-mail at

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Why St. Mark?

St. Mark Community Preschool receives rave reviews from parents, who often place new siblings on the school’s waiting list within days of their births. The preschool is described in glowing terms, with parents noting the safe and comfortable environment, a sense of family and an appropriate balance between academic and social development. According to many parents, “Everybody loves St. Mark!”

Small classroom sizes and teacher to child ratios

A warm and loving, family-centered environment

Experienced, educated, and professional teachers

A place where learning is fun!


St. Mark Community Preschool has provided my children a wonderful ‘home away from home’ preschool environment for many years. We feel fortunate that we found such a great school in our neighborhood.

We had two daughters attend St. Mark’s Preschool over the past 5 years and our children have had an amazing experience. The teachers are warm, caring and dedicated to both academic and creative growth. They dance, sing, cook, make art, learn letters, and tell fantastic stories! Our kids never wanted to miss a ‘school’ day and we have really seen our children blossom at St. Mark’s. Our whole family will miss this lovely school, wonderful teachers, and school staff. Thank you for the wonderful experience.


2200 San Joaquin Hills Road
Newport Beach, California
Phone: 949-644-1442