Why St. Mark?

  • Small classroom sizes and teacher to child ratios
  • A warm and loving, family-centered environment
  • Experienced, educated, and professional teachers
  • A place where learning is fun!

dreamstime_xs_25965526St. Mark Community Preschool receives rave reviews from parents, who often place new siblings on the school’s waiting list within days of their births. The preschool is described in glowing terms, with parents noting the safe and comfortable environment, a sense of family and an appropriate balance between academic and social development. According to many parents, “Everybody loves St. Mark!”

Other strengths cited by parents include:

  • A positive transition from preschool to kindergarten, particularly from a social perspective
  • The school helps its students develop a strong sense of self
  • Parents are down-to-earth and friendly
  • Waiting list system is more positively perceived than other schools’ lottery systems
  • Some schools are too academic, but at St. Mark Community Preschool the emphasis is on developmentally appropriate activities. Kids learn their letters, how to write their names, and other age-appropriate skills, while also learning how to enjoy social situations.
  • Discipline is not punishment, but guidance – helping children learn to resolve their own conflicts
  • The Preschool has built a strong reputation and loyalty with families; siblings and cousins often enroll in the school
  • Dedicated staff, volunteers and board

“St. Mark Community Preschool has provided my children a wonderful ‘home away from home’ preschool environment for many years. We feel fortunate that we found such a great school in our neighborhood.” ~Stephanie Gooding

“Thanks to her experience at St. Mark Community Preschool, our daughter Izzie now equates school with love, kindness and security.”
~The Grove Family

“Words cannot express the gratitude our family feels toward this very special preschool. Thank you from the very bottom of all our hearts for nurturing the minds and souls of Megan, Ryan, Shannon and Lauren.” ~The Griffin Family

Perhaps one parent’s simple four-word description
characterizes the Preschool best:
Strong, Positive, Emotional and Loving.